Psychological, behavioral, and educational services for children, families, and schools

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this whole thing work?

When you first contact me, we will spend about 20 minutes on the telephone, free of charge, so I can understand your reason(s) for seeking assistance and your goals. If we both decide to move forward, we will schedule an intake session (which is usually 1.5 hours) to review relevant background information and developmental history, and to further solidify treatment goals. If you are seeking help for a teenager, I will then complete a separate intake with him or her. If you are seeking help for a younger child, in most cases, we will begin directly.

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Do you take insurance?

I do not participate on any insurance panels. I charge an hourly rate for therapy and consultation, due at the completion of each session. I will provide you with a receipt containing all of the information you need to submit to your insurance to count towards your deductible or for reimbursement directly to you. Telephone calls will be billed if they are longer than 15 minutes.

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What do I tell my child about coming to see you?

Most children do best with concrete, non-judgmental, factually-based information tailored to their developmental level. We can talk about some things you can say to your specific child about his or her specific reasons for coming in.

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